How to choose an electronic invoicing system for your business

Entrepreneurs must constantly be wondering what is the best way to choose an Electronic Invoice solution Small Practices Medical Billing Services. The lack of information can lead them to make a bad decision that, in turn, affects the operation of the company. That is the importance of knowing the details of the various invoice systems.

Clearly, these systems will only make sense for a company when they deliver some added value, for example, that they are of help to a group of people who have less experience with technology.

In general, if the company is small or medium, you should not look for a large provider, as you would face a massive service that will probably only confuse you more. In that case, the company must find a solution that is at its scale, but ultimately everything will depend on the valuations of the employer and his accountant.


What should you consider when choosing an electronic invoicing system?


1. Intensity in the use of the product

  • If you use the system a lot, then you need an invoice service that ensures functionality at critical times. The free system offered by the SII can sometimes become slow, so it is vitally important to have a good payment system.
  • An example of this are the systems that allow you to access your information from any computer with internet and that also give you the option of integrating with other accounting software.


2. Adequate security levels

  • It is vitally important that no one receives a tax document or receipt that has not been signed by the person strictly authorized to do so.
  • That is why we recommend systems that allow contracted access specifically for each person who accesses the system.
  • Remember that the digital certificate is for personal use and non-transferable, therefore, each user that operates within your electronic invoice system must use their own certificate.


Coverage and level of service


The service must be responsible for supporting the company, the employees and the accountant, therefore, it must provide the necessary support with respect to the proper use of electronic invoices and in compliance with all regulatory aspects.

On the other hand, electronic invoicing is a process that occurs in real time, therefore, it is essential that the contracted service be able to offer a quick solution to any eventuality. For this to happen, we recommend hiring a service that has assistance in different channels, either by phone, via chat or through online demonstrations. 

In addition, if your company handles a set of more or less important products, it will be essential that everything is in the system, so that when the invoice is issued, your accountant can find the information on the server, quickly and easily.